Belfast SEO Shares Voice-Activated Search Tips

Some Voice-Activated Search Tips You Will Want To Follow

If you’re looking for tips on using your voice for searching on Google, you should know that there isn’t much we can share except perhaps to say that you should make your voice clear and that you should speak slowly if you want to get what you are looking for. Other than this, there’s nothing to say.

But if own a website and you want to know how you can optimize your website for voice-activated search, there are a few things we can share with you. One has to do with the nature of the keywords generated.

When people do a voice-activated search, the people speak in their natural voice and tone. In other words, they talk as if they are talking to a machine. With conversational keywords, the phrases tend to be longer.

As the website owner you will want to create content that has a more casual tone where the writer seems like he is typing the way he talks. But where do you get the keywords?

Right now, there are no keyword generator tools based on voice-activated search, however, you can easily gather keywords simply by talking to your customers.

Do not put a contact form on your website. Instead, have your customers call you. If you don’t have any customers yet then conduct a telephone survey. In other words, do what needs to be done in order for people to speak to you. Once you have a set of Keywords, group them according to topic.

You could also create one piece of grand content called Frequently Asked Questions. When you have optimized content, the only thing you will need to worry about is the link building. But that is a topic that merits an entirely different article on its own.