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Best Buddies Jobs continues the integration of people with development disabilities into the community through supported employment. This program assists individuals to locate and maintain jobs of their own choosing by providing ongoing support and training. Our focus is on developing competitive, integrated jobs, which allow individuals to earn an income, pay taxes, and work in an environment alongside others in the community.


Best Buddies Jobs has found employment for over 100 individuals in the Miami, Boston and Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on developing jobs in professional environments. Our employers range from some of the top law firms and talent agencies to well-known retail businesses and luxury hotels.


The President's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities has recognized Best Buddies Jobs as a national model of supported employment focusing on white collar and other non-traditional employment opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities. Westside Regional Center presented an Award of Excellence to Best Buddies Jobs California for providing "innovative employment opportunities for individuals with development disabilities".


We owe our success to the wonderful employers and hard working consumers involved with our program. On behalf of all of our consumers and staff, Best Buddies Jobs would like to thank the following employers, who cared enough to give a person with a developmental disability a chance to excel as a productive member of society in a job that gives them satisfaction and a sense of purpose.


If you are interested in the Jobs program, please click here.

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Note:  Best Buddies Pennsylvania does not currently offer the Best Buddies Jobs program.

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